Where can I shoot?

Proposed changes to Red Lake’s discharge of firearms by-law cause a stir BY LINDSAY BRISCOE Red Lake council decided at Monday’s regular council meeting to defer the proposed changes to the by-law which regulates the discharge of firearms and other weapons to allow the public a chance to come forward with any related concerns they […]

Culture News

Bringing performing arts to Red Lake ‘is a gift’

BY LINDSAY BRISCOE The RLDHS gym was turned upside down last Friday when a local audience was dazzled by the athleticism, flexibility, and creativity of Motus O Dance Theatre’s evening performance; the second show of the 2015-16 Red Lake Wilderness Entertainment Series (WES). Debra Shushack, Ontario Dance Project representative for Red Lake, says she’s been […]


Chukuni Business Awards: Shining the spotlight on local businesses

BY LINDSAY BRISCOE You could almost feel the suspense in the room at the inaugural Chukuni Business Awards this weekend, where area entrepreneurs, employees, and individuals received awards in a number of categories for business and volunteer excellence. The Community Development Committee (a sub-committee of the Chukuni Communities Development Corporation) had been tossing around the […]