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Youth leaders get shot at Mayor’s chair      

Published: October 19, 2016


Council chambers were packed this past Monday as youth in the community joined municipal leaders for an educational experience.

Launching Local Government Week, five students from the district’s primary schools were chosen by their teachers to spend the day at the Red Lake Municipal office as Mayor for the Day. The students participated in briefings on municipal issues and joined a question and answer session which put leaders in the hot seat.

“It is nice when we can engage our youth. We know they are speaking from the heart there is no denying that,” said Mayor Phil Vinet of his young colleagues. “The questions were really meaningful and we really appreciated your input.”

Honorary Mayors included Caitlin Fetterly and Zackary Ecuimates from Red Lake Madsen Public School, Josiah Graber and Maddox Dansereaux from St Johns School, and Zacharie Corey from Ecole Catholique des Etoiles-du-Nord.

Students told those gathered at the Regular Council meeting that they had to campaign at their schools to get their spots which included writing letters to their teachers and/or designing posters. During the meeting each Mayor had a chance to discuss their favorite part of the experience and were presented with certificates to mark the occasion.

The young leaders were present at the table as Councillors moved on to their agenda, which included approving the construction contract for the Splash Park, slated to be erected in 2017.

Diamond Head Sprinkers was awarded the contract for the 2,300 sq. ft water feature that will replace the basketball court in front of the Red Lake Community Centre. The project is expected to cost over $390,000 with a possible $250,000 coming from federal and provincial partners. The municipality budgeted approximately $170,000 for the town’s portion of the project.

Seen above: (back left) Carol Baron, Jack Goodwillie, Sandy Middleton and Fred Mota (front left) Josiah Graber, Caitlin Fetterly, Phil Vinet, Zackary Ecuimates, and Zacharie Corey

Photo Credit: Photo by Jennifer Parsons

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