Waste management bylaw undergoes further amendment

Published on August 17, 2016


Glass products may soon be classified as garbage as the Municipality looks to further amend the Waste Management Bylaw.

The bylaw, which was adopted in 2010, allows residents to separate glass products and put them out for curbside pick-up. Staff are recommending that glass be removed from the “Recyclable materials (curbside)” and be collected with mainstream waste on garbage day.

“When the recycling program was first introduced in 2010, Chukuni Sanitation, Contractor for curbside removal of refuse and recyclables, had a compactor for glass which was utilized for a short time. The Municipality was offered the machine for purchase at which time it was found to not meet workplace safety standards,” reads the written report submitted by By-Law Enforcement Officer Beth Sullivan and Recreation and Facilities Supervisor Michel Labonte.

Currently the Municipality picks up glass on recycling day, however glass is being added to the landfill and the report says there are no future plans to recycle glass.

Municipal leaders reviewed the proposed amendments at the Committee of the Whole meeting on Aug. 8 and called for a renewed effort to communicate with residents about the changes and the bylaw requirements as a whole.

“I am wondering if this can be brought to our attention a little more often so we know ‘that can’t go in recycling’…there are a few changes here with coffee cups and glass and plywood…I think it would be nice for us to know `this is the stuff I have got to pay for”, noted Councillor Carol Baron. People are often uncertain about where everything goes.”

Further amendments include allowing residents to leave out oversized cardboard pieces for collection and the addition of “Tim Hortons” cups as an example of paper coffee cups that can be recycles. The report says this is for “greater clarity to the general public and to encourage the recycling of paper coffee cups” from the local coffee hub.

Councillors will review the amended bylaw for final approval at the Regular Council Meeting on Aug. 20.

Complaints still incoming

 While discussing the bylaw amendment, Councillor Jack Goodwillie noted community members continue to raise concerns with how their property is being treated on collection days, asking municipal staff if they have received complaints related to the “beaten up property of landowners.”

Sullivan indicated any complaints received by the Municipality are passed along to the contractor, who is responsible for contacting the resident directly. Complaints that are not recorded at the municipal office cannot be forwarded.

“I have seen notes left to [collectors] taped to garbage cans,” remarked Goodwillie.


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