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UK Scouts give back to Red Lake with CF-DRD donation

By Shayla Bradley

The campaign to save CF-DRD, the well known Norseman Heritage Park icon, recently received a boost from overseas.

Participants in the 4th Knowle Sea Scouts Canoe Canada program, from the United Kingdom, raised and donated $220 to the Norseman repair fund.

“We came to Red Lake for several years, 2006 to 2009, to take part in canoeing expeditions in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park,” wrote Tim Atherton. “We brought 20 Scouts across over the years for what was a life changing experience for them. It was always humbling to receive such great hospitality from the whole Red Lake community so each time we came we tried to do something to give something back and this included litter picking in Norseman Park. The groups also had flights in a Norseman prior to each expedition which in itself was an amazing experience.

“When we saw the Norseman had been damaged we decided we wanted to help the community that were so good to us… Red Lake will always hold a special place in our hearts and [we] look forward to returning one day.”

Kim Riddell, administrative assistant for the Highway 105 Tourism and Marketing Board, said the campaign is nearing the $40,000 mark of the initial $50,000 fundraising goal.

“It is hoped that DRD will be worked on over the winter months and completed in the spring/summer months of 2019,” she added. “Certainly not promising anything, but we are hopeful to have her back on the pedestal in time for the 2019 Norseman Festival, which promises to have the Norseman Capital of the World proud once again.”

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