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The Sky Family and “Celtic Revival!”

Emily Poirier, Co-op Student

The people of Ear Falls were treated to a quite a show when the Sky Family came to town on Sunday, October 30th. As one of the stops on their “CELTIC REVIVAL!” tour, the Ear Falls Legion Hall was booked for the energetic show at 7:00 p.m. that night. Filled with Irish step dancing, singing, Celtic music, and hilarious skits, the night was open to anyone and everyone who wanted to come in and enjoy the show at no cost, unless they wished to give a free will offering.

Tom Sky, the father of the family, is the lead vocalist and guitarist and also plays piano and second fiddle. Seth, the eldest son, plays bass and writes the weekly Bible study. Joel dances and plays lead fiddle, as well as the saxophone, piano, and flute. Gabe is the family dancer, but also can play guitar, piano, drums, and flute. Miriam, the only sister, dances, sings, and also plays piano.

Tom Sky is also the head of a non-profit organization called Unashamed Ministries. The organization was established for Christian people who desired to learn about and study God and the Bible.

Miriam Sky performing "blossom". (Gary Worrall)

The Sky Family has received very positive reviews from all over Canada and the US. Many people who have seen their shows praise the easy-going, friendly, and humourous way they spread their message.

From Ear Falls, the family continued their tour to Saskatchewan where they will be performing on November 02, 2011.

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