Editorial — 11 May 2012
Lisa Dumontier

Last week Balmertown’s Golden Learning Centre (GLC) presented its annual Spring production. Themed around past productions, the two-hour Golden Nuggets performance showcased material presented by GLC students since the musical’s inception and, coupled with a hallway photo display, sent audience members on a walk down memory lane as Pinocchio, a bevy of chimney sweepers and the Beatles made a return trip to the elementary school’s stage.

Two of the school’s four shows were sold out almost immediately and even the afternoon performances were filled to the brim with family, friends and general fans eagerly poised to cheer on the colourfully clad students. I was one such fan and let me tell you, I was not disappointed. The show was an absolute delight and the hard work of the students, teachers and other event organizers should really be commended. It couldn’t have been easy to pull off what certainly appeared to be an enormous undertaking—a round of applause to you all.

From the music and the props to the costumes and the chorography there isn’t a doubt in my mind that when it comes to local talent, there’s certainly no shortage in this gold mining community. And wasn’t this production just the latest evidence of that?

For community members who are actively involved with children and youth programming or for those who tend to buy tickets for every event showcased locally, it will come as no surprise that the Red Lake area is booming with talented kids and talented people in general. You may have missed the GLC production but did you happen to take in last week’s Theatre 105 performances, the Instep Dance Recital or Mat Cats gymnastics show last month, the skating carnival in March or science fairs or speech nights over the course of the current school year? Check out the murals displayed on Howey Street in Red Lake or the banners rotated on lamp posts year in and year out and I’m sure you’ll agree that this Municipality has creativity boiling through its veins.

And it’s nice to be reminded of that every now and again especially when so many of us are told that living in a small northern Ontario town will get you nowhere. The beautiful landscape that is the Red Lake area should be inspiring us all and the confidence that is instilled in our youth from their participation in events including dance shows, track meets, volleyball tournaments and school productions is only the cusp of the good such efforts do for our entire community.

This community has a lot to offer and I would encourage you all to take in a show or two when presented with the opportunity. You won’t regret it and may even be surprised by the talent you discover.

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  1. Awesome! I was in the Pinocchio performance when I was seven or eight, and randomly decided to check out the news in Red Lake. I moved away a few years after. What a coincidence!

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