ELA solidifies long-term operation

BY HEATHER COLLINS Long-term operation has been solidified for the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) – a world-renowned freshwater research facility near Kenora. The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), a non-profit group based in Manitoba, has signed up to manage the facility, while the Ontario government has agreed to contribute $2 million annually, and the […]


Union Gas customers in Ontario could see $200 a year increase on bills

BY LINDSAY BRISCOE After record cold temperatures and snow swept the country this winter, Union Gas Limited has applied to increase natural gas prices for customers across Ontario. “Colder than normal temperatures were experienced early in the winter and are currently forecast to continue through April, “reads the Union Gas application for a price adjustment […]


Wallet shock

A few weeks ago I sealed the deal on my first house. When I told my best friend the news, she congratulated me with a sassy remark about the “money pit.” I rolled my eyes and wished she could just be happy for me for a brief second but quickly realized she was dishing out […]