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Premier Wynne visits Red Lake, discusses short and long-term development of area

BY LINDSAY BRISCOE The over all big picture of economic development in the Red Lake area, both in the short and long term, was the main topic of conversation during The Northern Sun News’ recent sit-down with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne when she visited Red Lake on Sept. 3. For her, it’s an all-weather road […]


Medical centre grand opening ‘more than a bricks and mortar celebration’

BY LINDSAY BRISCOE Six years ago, two and a half doctors were serving the entire Red Lake area population. Today there are ten—five full-timers and five part-timers. “Today is more than a bricks and mortar celebration,” said Dave McLeod, chair of the Community Healthcare Committee, at the official grand opening ceremony of the Goldcorp Red […]


Goldcorp discusses change of plans at Cochenour, likelihood of layoffs

BY LINDSAY BRISCOE Goldcorp’s Cochenour project won’t move ahead as quickly as originally anticipated; the geology department is currently re-evaluating the orientation of the Bruce Channel deposit. “Essentially, from the drill information, we’ve opened up some of the sills that will support the initial stopes and we’re seeing some of the veins with a different […]


Electric vehicles to help clear the air at Musselwhite

  BY LINDSAY BRISCOE Goldcorp Inc. Musselwhite Mine has started underground testing of two electric vehicles with the end goal of reducing diesel emissions, improving air quality, protecting the health and safety of workers, and increasing productivity. Discussions surrounding the possibility of using electric vehicles underground at Musselwhite began in June 2014. “When we started […]