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The results are in: Meet your mayor and council

EAR FALLS Population: 1,026 Eligible voters: 759 Number of households: 571 Number of voters: 406 Voter turnout: 53.49% MAYOR Kevin Kahoot: 267 votes *elected Ron Bergmann Sr: 131 votes COUNCIL Jim Desmarais: 226 votes *elected Rob [...]

Ear Falls to take on Red Lake’s domestic waste

BY LINDSAY BRISCOE The Township of Ear Falls and the Municipality of Red Lake have announced a shared services agreement that will allow Red Lake to haul its domestic waste to the Ear Falls waste disposal [...]

EACOM Ear Falls mill officially re-opens

BY LINDSAY BRISCOE EACOM Timber Corporation’s Ear Falls location fired up its plant this morning for the first official day of production in close to five years. “Our maintenance crew was in at 6 o’clock, and [...]

‘Air of optimism’ in Ear Falls, says local EACOM GM

BY LINDSAY BRISCOE EACOM Timber Corporation is gearing up for an Aug. 1 start up of its sawmill operations in Ear Falls. The Northern Sun News caught up with EACOM Ear Falls’ General Manager Harrison Wicks [...]

Ear Falls proclaims March Red Cross Month

BY HEATHER COLLINS In conjunction with similar initiatives across the country, Ear Falls proclaimed March Red Cross Month on Thursday March 6, 2014. As a collaboration between the Township of Ear Falls and the Red Cross, [...]