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The origins of the Trout

Founder Lloyd Romaniuk reflects on the early days of Ear Falls’ music festival BY CLAIRE CUDAHY The circumstances that brought about the first Trout Forest Music Festival in 1996 might best be described as serendipitous. In [...]

Ear Falls raises $4,000 for dog guides

BY LINDSAY BRISCOE Under sunny skies and with a solid turnout of more than a dozen walkers, the third annual Purina Walk for Dog Guides in Ear Falls was a hit again this year. “What a [...]

Trout Forest Music Festival searches for local talent

BY CLAIRE CUDAHY Ear Falls’ Trout Forest Music Festival crew is searching for regional talent to round out the line-up for the event’s 20th anniversary this summer. The showcase for the Ear Falls/Red Lake area will [...]

The results are in: Meet your mayor and council

EAR FALLS Population: 1,026 Eligible voters: 759 Number of households: 571 Number of voters: 406 Voter turnout: 53.49% MAYOR Kevin Kahoot: 267 votes *elected Ron Bergmann Sr: 131 votes COUNCIL Jim Desmarais: 226 votes *elected Rob [...]

Ear Falls to take on Red Lake’s domestic waste

BY LINDSAY BRISCOE The Township of Ear Falls and the Municipality of Red Lake have announced a shared services agreement that will allow Red Lake to haul its domestic waste to the Ear Falls waste disposal [...]