Spring is in the air

Lisa Dumontier

Mother Nature has been shining her light on local residents for the past week with temperatures that rose substantially higher than expected much to the surprise of meteorologists who weren’t predicting such mild temperatures until mid-April (gasp). In addition to paving the way for a blast of spring cleaning, the warmer weather is also encouraging many people to get outside to enjoy the fresh air and get active.

The “sidewalks” are once again filled with walkers and runners, bikes have been shovelled off, air returned to tires and Centennial Park skateboarders have been out in full force checking out their Park eager for the snow to melt from the rails and ramps so they can master another season worth of skills. It’s a fun time of year that’s for sure and while the grass is definitely visible in neighbourhoods district wide and it’s nice to think the trees will be budding and flowers blooming by the end of next week, I can’t help but wonder has spring really sprung?

The calendar says yes with the official beginning of spring marked on March 20th and while the weather is no doubt leading us all to believe that we’ll be sunbathing at the beach in no time, anyone who’s familiar with Red Lake weather patterns will probably caution you against packing away your Sorels or pulling out your shorts and sandals just yet. It’s tempting I know but don’t be fooled by the melting snow because we probably haven’t said an official goodbye to winter just yet.

That’s a depressing thought isn’t it? It’s certainly frustrating that while we are donning rain boots and puddle jumping our way down the street today, tomorrow we could be shovelling ourselves out of a mountain of snow but that seems to be the way life goes in the Red Lake area where snow flurries and temperature dips below the freezing point during the May long-weekend are hardly unheard of. That being said, I’m trying not to think about it too hard and have chosen instead to focus on the positive: when exactly the ice will melt from Howey Bay.

If the weather stays as warm as it has been, I’m putting my money on April 13th—it’s a Friday too so I’m sure it will be lucky—and I am challenging Northern Sun News readers to test their own luck by sending in their own best guesses by email (news@thenorthernsun.com) or phone (727-2888). At stake: coveted bragging rights as well as a free local newspaper subscription and a 10 per cent off coupon for your next placed ad. It’s really a win-win as far as I can tell so let the competition begin!

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