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SJS students participate in board planning exercise

Published: October 26, 2016


Kenora Catholic District School Board students had a chance to mold their school administration last week as they were asked to participate in the Board Improvement Planning for Student Achievement.

“This is the second year that we have invited students to participate in the BIPSA day,” says Phyllis Eikre Director of Education. “The day is focused on planning for student achievement and wellbeing and our students bring a unique perspective. They have amazing ideas that can impact student learning and achievement across the board. This planning day is around making decisions that are best for our students. It just makes sense that they would have a voice in that process.”

Students at St. Johns School (SJS) joined the planning process remotely by forming a Director’s Council and worked to prepare letters to their principal and school improvement team. Letters covered what they really liked about their school and what they wanted to see changed or implemented. Eikre was then presented with the letters had an opportunity to discuss the content with each group.

“As an educator the student voice and engagement piece is the most important part of planning for student achievement and wellbeing,” says Principal Corinna Glazier. “It just makes sense that students would have a voice in that process and in those decisions.   As an educator I’m really proud that we value the student voice and student perspective and invite students to the planning table.  This is the second year that we’ve invited students to be part of the BIPSA process and we are finding that it really enriches and energizes the process in a meaningful and authentic way.”

Students Rylie Kasper, Gavin Kowalchuk and Abby Lauzon told the Northern Sun News that they talked about how much they liked their assemblies and how friendly the staff is.

“We like how we have greeters and how teamwork is important at our school.  We also said that we enjoy math, having time to practice our learning and how we like to learn from each other. We also shared what we would like to improve on. We gave them ideas for assemblies, our prayers, math theme days and so much more. Mrs. Glazier will be sharing our letter with the staff this Friday, so we don’t want to give away what we wrote,” they said on Oct. 24.

(seen above) Principal Corinna Glazier talks with SJS students from Kenora.

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