Response to Revitalize Red Lake Survey

Rhonda Beckman

Published: February 21, 2018

A few weeks ago I threw a survey on the Revitalize Red Lake page for a couple of days, asking for feedback regarding the Facebook page specifically. I closed the survey after receiving 100 responses. I’d like to share the results with you and give you a bit of feedback regarding some of the information and comments.

The first question on the survey asked how often members checked the Revitalize Red Lake Facebook page. To date, there are 2343 members on the page. 48.5 per cent said they check once a day, 31.7 per cent said once a week and the rest said that it pops up in their newsfeed all the time so it’s always there.

On that note, I wanted to know whether people felt they were getting too many notifications on the page. Only 5.9 per cent said yes, 15.8 per cent said sometimes and a whopping 78.2 per cent said no. For those that did feel bombarded with notifications, I shared information on how to change ones’ settings on their Facebook page so that notifications are more manageable, so I hope that helped some to feel less bombarded.

When asked what the main reason was for going to the page, 19.8 per cent said to see the amazing photography. We have an incredible group of people in the district that are dedicated to sharing the beauty of our district with us and it is apparent that it is appreciated by all. 20.8 per cent said they check out “What’s Up Wednesdays”, so if you’re posting on other days, it’s best that you wait until Wednesday because you’ll get the most traffic seeing your notification. Planning ahead definitely helps! With that being said, when it comes to dealing with people that post events outside of What’s Up Wednesdays, the solution was to discreetly remind the people to not post outside of Wednesdays. 14.9 per cent of the people go to the page to keep connected to the community they miss and love because they no longer live here. 7.9 per cent tap in to Thankful Thursdays and five per cent appreciate the Business Monday information. But a whopping 31.7 per cent go to the Facebook page for all of the weekly notifications about businesses, events, photography and thankfulness! People left comments such as this one; “I like to see our community focus on the positive, regenerative, healthy and beautiful aspects of Red Lake.”

In regards to initiating the “Cash Mob Fridays” on Revitalize Red Lake, 47 per cent said that they’d love to see this initiative go forward while another 47 per cent said that it depended on what business was running the cash mob. Fair enough. With that being said, that’s 94 per cent that are basically saying it is something they want done. That’s 94 out of 100 people that would most likely support a weekly Cash Mob.  I did ask businesses in the community to reach out and let me know if they are interested (I know we have asked before but we are asking again) and only heard from two businesses.

So, if you’re interested in getting involved, please send me a message asking to be put on the list. It can happen if you want to take action on it happening.

We can support you on that initiative.


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