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Red Lake, trails set of new music video


Robb Medwid stops for a photo while shooting the music video “Restarted." Credit: Submitted by Robb Medwid
Robb Medwid stops for a photo while shooting the music video “Restarted.” Credit: Submitted by Robb Medwid

By Jennifer Thurbide

McMarmac’s Pickerel Bay is an unlikely place to find a film crew in December however last month it was the primary location for the Halifax-based Brite Vu’s new music video.

Lead singer and guitarist Robb Medwid says the band, which has produced three national singles and released two full length albums, will be releasing its third music video later this year with much of the footage shot along local waterways and trails.

“The song is called “Restarted” and it was our first single, released almost a year ago,” described the artist in a phone interview last week. “We never did make a video for it but it was one of those songs that we should’ve. We made videos for other songs instead. [This song] was one of the first releases off our last album and I wanted to actually put a story to that song and have a visual for it.”

Medwid was in Red Lake last month for seven days and says he used two of those days to gather video footage for the upcoming release that included recruiting local acting talent and props. Familiar locations were also used to depict the journey of two contest winners in what he described as “an extreme music adventure.”

Bringing along as much equipment as he could carry on his flight from Winnipeg, Medwid relied on friends and family to assist in gathering the supplies needed to make the shoot a success and gives thanks to Wayne McFadden, Dwayne, Sheena and Marilyn McLaughlin, Syl Marion and Don Nord for the loan of skidoos, camera equipment and their time. On camera talent were Danielle and Guy Marion who were filmed at their home preparing for the staged journey, traveling along trails and across lakes and, after some comedic moments: arriving at their destination an ice fishing shack.

“As far as coaching goes and being a Director – I work with a lot of models and actors down here and they just don’t show emotion – [Our talent] was so good. It was like ‘just be yourself’…they were really good and I think [the small town] is the way to go and that is why I took advantage of my trip.”

Even Medwid’s mom Nancy Desmeules pitched in helping with prop development and catering among other things. “Mom pushed record sometimes, and overall ran around and got us coffee and donuts and supplied us with sandwiches and props.”

The next few months will bring the project together as Medwid and band mates Greg Erkvaara and Steve DeWolfe will film the performance segments of the video later this month with the completion targeted for March.

And Medwid says this won’t be his only project in the district where Brite Vu got its start with original band members Mark Sandberg and Trevor Pickard. He’s decided to bring future film projects to the area to take advantage of the scenery and equipment that comes along our unique landscape.

“I am a small town kid and I have never been able to shoot or have anything remotely close to skidoos or snow. You don’t really get any of that here.”

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