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Red Lake outdoor club in the works


Want to experience the wilderness around you with a group of likeminded adventurers? There’s a club for that.

Not long after Dan Kincaid shared the idea of an outdoor club on the Red Lake District Community Bulletin Board Facebook page, comments began pouring in from interested members suggesting activities and offering to help get the club off the ground.

“It was kind of a brainstorm, brain web idea from me, so I just decided to see if there would be an interest because up here in Red Lake, who doesn’t like to get out and enjoy the great outdoors? There are curling clubs and hunting clubs, why can’t there be an outdoor club?” explains Kincaid, who works as the lead dockhand at Chimo Air Service.

Kincaid, an avid canoeist, says he got the idea from his affiliation with the tourism program at Confederation College and participating in their canoe trips.

“The sole purpose of this club is to promote and organize outdoor activities for anyone,” says Kincaid.

Hiking, backpacking, orienteering, canoeing, winter camping, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing are some of the activities that he has in mind for the club.

Educating people on first-aid and other outdoor skills is another priority.

“I’m big on Leave No Trace outdoor ethics, so little events on how to minimize your campfire impact and essentially leave no trace,” says Kincaid.

Within an hour of creating the club’s Facebook page—Red Lake Outers Club—on Oct. 23, 43 members had joined. Three days later, the number was up to 84.

A poll on the page for the club’s first activity showed most were interested in a day hike on McKenzie Island over a Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics Workshop or a nature hunt.

So what’s next for the fledgling club? Funding.

“One of the big ideas I have in mind is approaching (CCDC) to see if there is some sort of not-for-profit funding so maybe we could get an organization off the ground,” says Kincaid. “But for now, I really just want to see who in this area would like to get together and do outdoor lifestyle activities.”

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