Outdoor Classroom

Published: November 8, 2017

Students from St. John’s School turn wintery white powder into a tasty treat. On Nov. 3 Grade 4, 5 and 6 students spent their school day exploring various area habitats as part of their Northern Studies curriculum.

Teacher Tom Doherty said last week the students have been learning about habitat and biodiversity in their classroom and the outing was a chance to take their indoor learning to the outdoors.

“On Wednesday we had the [Ministry of Natural Resources] staff come in and give them a presentation on ecosystems and habitat within Red Lake. Today this is their hands on tour and they are actually getting to see the ecosystems of the area,” Doherty explained noting the students had visited marsh area, a local river system and were exploring the boreal forest when they stopped to start a fire for warmth and cooking.

“We are now learning life skills with outdoor survival. We built the fire in order to melt the snow to make some hot chocolate. We are going to roast some hot dogs and core some trees and look at some animal tracks on our way back and different classifications.”

Members of the MNR were along for the daylong tour providing expert assistance and answering any questions the students had about their environment. – Photo by Jennifer Parsons

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