OPP first quarter results

Published: April 26, 2017


Calls for service to the OPP in the Red Lake district have remained status quo in 2017.

Presenting the first quarter results for the Ontario Provincial Police Red Lake Detachment within the Municipality of Red Lake at the Regular Council Meeting on Apr. 18, Sargent Matt Norlock told those gathered over 900 calls for service were registered, keeping pace with 2016 results.

“Pikangikum and Ear Falls have seen a slight increase but like I said Red Lake is sustaining the status quo,” noted Norlock.

According to the report violent crime stats rose 50 per cent over last year, however Norlock cautioned the results are not an indication of a trend.

“What I want to bring to your attention is that it is not an increase in violent crime but is specific to two prolific addresses that people reside that has made this jump and they all have to do with alcohol. Eight of the 15 have to do with this address. It is not a community wide event, it is an isolated event.”

During the first part of 2017 there were four recorded incidents of drug crime, four related to possession and one of trafficking. Impaired driving decreased over 90 per cent over the same period last year. Fifty-two incidents of speeding and three for seat belts were also recorded.

Norlock reported 622 patrol hours were put in by local officers in their cruisers, 50 on snowmobile and over 65 on foot. School patrol hours increased to 82 for the quarter.

During a question period Councillors discussed the impending legalization of marijuana asking what extra precautions would be taken against impaired driving.

“We do have our DRA and our field sobriety officers. We do already have that in place if an officer suspects that somebody is on cannabis or a central system stimulant,” responded Norlock.

Mayor Vinet commended the detachment for their work in the community noting: “The trending is going the right way from a call for service perspective which is our billing. We commend the OPP members for keeping that trend.”

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