New Principal at RLDHS takes reigns

Published: February 8, 2017


There was a new face at Red Lake District High School (RLDHS) last week as students started back for their second semester. On Jan. 31 Principal Darryl Tinney took over for retired colleague Liz Sidor and said in an interview this week the current semester offers him a chance to get acclimated to a new town and a new school.

“There are a lot of student success systems in place and it has been an easy transition for me to just step in and support where I can,” said Tinney on Feb. 6. “The staff in the one week I have been here are doing a phenomenal job with the students and proof of that is the success rate of semester one. Credit accumulation was phenomenal and for those who weren’t successful there is a solid plan in place to try to support them.”

The new staff member has been with the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board as a principal for the last eight years starting out at Pelican Falls High School, which averaged around 200 students each year, and moving on to Crolancia, a K to12 school with about 90 students in Pickle Lake.

Tinney says he has spent a considerable amount of time living, working and playing in the north and that he is ready to be introduced to a new community.

“I have lived in many communities in northwestern Ontario. I am from Sioux Lookout. I have lived and went to school and played hockey in Sioux Lookout, Kenora and Thunder Bay…I am from the region and Red Lake is an exciting opportunity to gain new experiences and perspectives of communities in the north.”

He says his primary focus is looking at how students in the district can “achieve success” by looking at the whole needs of a student noting creativity and flexibility are necessary when working with northern geography.

“In a community where there is a declining population that translates into a school with a declining population. With a declining enrollment what I think you have to look for is efficiencies in time tabling that can be had to give students the most opportunity to be successful. That is a reality in small communities.”

Tinney says he is planning to be a feature at upcoming school events and community functions as he works to continue to foster, and further develop, community and educational partnerships.


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