Municipal paving priorities approved

Published: May 17, 2017


Paving activities in the community will be limited to three area roadways this summer as municipal leaders approved the paving strategy for 2017.

Discussing the expenditure at the Committee of the Whole meeting on May 8, Infrastructure Development Coordinator Todd Olson told Councillors the areas of Westerlund Street, McKee Street and Berry Drive have been chosen due to the likelihood that the asphalt surface would have a lifespan of around 25 years.

“We have selected this area because of very little to no infrastructure breaks in that area. We are fairly confident that if we pave this area and rehabilitate the ditches and the culverts, test all the valves and a few minor repairs that we are going to see the life of this asphalt before we have to get into piping.”

Olson says the three streets are estimated to be repaved within the 2017 capital budget of $250,000.

The Municipality says Berry Drive sees an average annual daily traffic rating of 50-199. Westerlund and McKee have a reported average annual daily traffic rating of 0-49 and require minimal base prep for overlay.

Councillor Carol Baron questioned plans for subsequent townsites with Chief Administrative Officer Mark Vermette noting upcoming paving efforts at the Cochenour airport may open up an opportunity to address the community’s needs.

“In Balmertown a lot of the streets have aging infrastructure under the ground and we don’t want to address putting in pavement when we have water and sewer concerns, concerns in that they need replacement in the near future.”

“Balmertown and Cochenour will have roads done as we get funding to replace the water and sewer mains,” added Olson.

Council approved the paving strategy in its entirety at their Regular Council meeting on May 15 as well as approved a plan to engage a mobile unit to create a Pavement Condition Index rating for all municipal paved roads. The service uses radar, visual and audible sensors to provide road ratings which Olson says will be merged with the Municipal GIS system and used to determine future priorities.  



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