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MNR “Euros” in town

By Lindsay Briscoe

A set of Ontario Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services Program twin Eurocopter EC 130 helicopters spent seven days travelling around the region last week to conduct a number of wildlife surveys including the Moose Aerial Inventory (MAI). These surveys help the MNR determine the number of moose tags that will be made available for future hunting seasons.

This year the MNR also surveyed Woodland Caribou Park to better understand moose populations in non-hunted areas. Wolf, wolverine, caribou and deer were also tracked and recorded and osprey, bald eagle and blue heron nests checked to ensure their protection.

The last Wildlife Management survey for this region was in 2005.

Pictured above: Local MNR staff Jim Castle, Mark Kerr, Kyle Pace, Pam Dittrich and Christine Hague pose with a Eurocopter EC 130, also known as a “Euro.” Credit: Submitted.

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