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The results are in: Meet your mayor and council


Population: 1,026
Eligible voters: 759
Number of households: 571
Number of voters: 406
Voter turnout: 53.49%


Kevin Kahoot: 267 votes *elected
Ron Bergmann Sr: 131 votes


Jim Desmarais: 226 votes *elected
Rob Eady: 236 votes *elected
Tracey Simon: 259 votes *elected
Daniel Sutton: 301 votes *elected
David Hoey: 197 votes
Vic Robinson: 206 votes


Gerald Kleist: 253 votes *elected
Karen Colvin: 146 votes

Returning Ear Falls mayor Kevin Kahoot celebrated his Oct. 27 win surrounded by about 30 family and friends at his home in Ear Falls.

He says that voter turnout for the Township of Ear Falls was just over 53 per cent, but that it was actually one of the better turnouts among communities in the Northwest.

“I think people were happy with the direction that this council was going and the way the community was being run,” he says.
Kahoot is looking forward to working with a mix of fresh faces and veterans. The new council is one that will bring “renewed enthusiasm” to his community, he says.

“There’s a lot of experience on this council. It’s my second term, but you’ve got Jim and Rob who have both had multiple terms on council. Tracey’s been on council before. So you’ve got Dan as the new guy,” he said in an interview the morning of Oct. 28. “I think what people can look for is not a new direction but just a little more excitement in the council. I think the two new members are going to bring that. That’s all I really expect from them right now.”

Kahoot’s top three priorities for the near term are economic development by way of attracting new people to Ear Falls, looking into the budgeting process, and recreation opportunities with the potential to create economic development.

Kahoot would like to thank his staff for their help during the election campaign and the night of the vote.


Population: 4,670
Eligible voters: 2,966
Number of households: 2,167
Number of voters: 1,591
Voter turnout: 54%


Phil Vinet: 717 votes *elected
Gary Gazankas: 581 votes
Paul Parsons: 287 votes


Jack Goodwillie: 1073 votes *elected
Fred Mota: 1030 votes *elected
Carol Baron: 966 votes *elected
Sandy Middleton: 935 votes *elected
Anne Billard: 806 votes
Ralph Labine: 527 votes
Pearl Neidlinger: 198 votes


Lesley Barnes: *acclaimed


Vaughan Blab: *acclaimed

Returning Red Lake mayor Phil Vinet received the news of his win via text from returning councillor Carol Baron while waiting at his home watching the football game Monday night.

His initial reaction was to breathe a sigh of relief.

“It doesn’t matter what campaign you’re in, or what political office you’re running for, the campaign period is the most stressful period of a politician’s life,” he explained in an Oct. 28 interview. “Once you’re in it’s a lot easier than that door knocking and everything that goes with it. There’s an ebb and flow in the campaign. It’s just a daily high, daily low. You try to manage the emotions that are attached to a campaign period and move forward. Stay positive, stay confident, and always stay respectful to the rate payer.”

“I think we’re going to make a heck of a team. We’ve got Carol and Sandy who have been there…We’ve got an experienced guy like Jack coming back and we’ve got a new guy, Fred, coming in. So I think we’ve got a great mix here.”

Vinet’s top three priorities for the near term are infrastructure, housing issues, and the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) process.

“The Red Lake wheel is turning,” he concluded.

Vinet would like to thank his staff for their help during the election campaign and the night of the vote.

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