Mat Cats present flashback to the 1970s

The Goldcorp Recreation Centre was standing room only as the Red Lake Mat Cats presented their year-end performance on April 19th, 2012. Featuring music, décor and costuming from the 1970s, the groovy evening showcased more than 70 athletes ranging in skill level from beginner to elite and provided ample opportunity to cheer with high-flying tricks and disco dance moves all around.

Competitive gymnast Brianna Andrusky showcases her flexibility during an individual performance last Thursday night.
Inchworm gymnast Hanna Clayfield.
Erin Green showcases her skills during a presentation of her individual floor routine.
The Mat Cats most seasoned athlete Hannah Gula pays tribute to the Jackson 5.
Inchworm gymnast Naleena Marion.
Advanced recreational gymnast Kyra Masse participates in a flashy costume to a medley of tunes from the 1970s.
Trinity Mercer flips and flies during a tumble track display closing the two-hour performance.

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