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March Break Amazing Race

Approximately 30 kids took part in the March Break Amazing Race organized by Recreation Programmer Emma Karschti on March 13, 2012. Youth met in Centennial Park and completed various tasks such as a hat toss, 3 legged race, “hole in one” and leap frog. Karschti said the morning event was a success however the rapidly changing weather meant activities like building a three foot snowman had to be rethought. Winners of the event included the Amazing Gymnasts of Ally Clement, Erin Green and Trinity Mercer in first, Team Great of Grant and Cameron Trolley in second, the Akwe;go Go Getters in third and the M/G’s of Marshall and Meaghan Gowler in fourth place. Each participant went home with a candy bag and a movie gift certificate from Roadside and the first place winners received Subway gift cards.

Pictured here: Jamie Herr, McKenzie Lloyd and Chloe Herr make their way through the 3 legged race during the Amazing Race on March 13, 2012.

Photo by Jennifer Thurbide

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