Manitoba Marathon

(from left) Michelle, Ron and Kai Parrish snap a photo before beginning the 10 km distance of the Manitoba Marathon on June 18. Young runner Kai posted a time of 41.51 earning him a seventh place ranking in the event, out of more than 1,800 racers. Dad Ron finished 16th overall. 


Manitoba Marathon Results:


Full Marathon

Gord Ewald (Ear Falls) 4:26:10


Half Marathon

Christine Brown (Red Lake) 2:11:34

Ashley Moncrief (Red Lake) 2:11:34

April Delorme (Ear Falls) 2:14:24

Michelle Briska (Ear Falls) 2:14:24

Martha Paris (Ear Falls) 2:52:25

Terri Hamilton (Red Lake) 3:24: 25

Myles Hall (Red Lake) 3:24:28

Jennifer Parsons (Balmertown) 3:34:53


10 KM

Kai Parrish (Balmertown) 41:51 (7th overall)

Ron Parrish (Balmertown) 43:27 (16th overall)

Christine Tougas (Red Lake) 1:00:54

Cherry Hovorka (Ear Falls) 1:07:51

Michelle Parrish (Balmertown) 1:12:27

Emilia Arce-Reid (Cochenour) 1:13:42

Tutty Arce (Cochenour) 1:13:43

Hilary Reid (Cochenour) 1:14:10

Liz Harder (Red Lake) 1:14:46

Kevin Verhagen (Red Lake) 1:29:08

Pamela Dittrich (Red Lake) 1:29:08

Luke Verhagen (Red Lake) 1:29:43






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