Local triumphs at jiu-jitsu competition


Red Lake resident Logan MacDonald recently racked up some serious hardware in the Sylvio Behring 2014 Spring Classic Submission Grappling Tournament (in Manitoba) in Brazilian jiu-jitsiu. MacDonald placed gold in the “no gi” (competing without the traditional uniform) category, and took home a silver medal in the “gi” category (competing in a traditional uniform). He competed in the heavyweight division in both categories.

MacDonald said he developed an interest in the sport after watching Ultimate Fighting Challenge (UFC). He then stumbled across another local – Brendan Gaspar –who was teaching classes. MacDonald immediately sought his help and has been extremely involved in the sport ever since.

“I love everything about the sport,” MacDonald told The Northern Sun News. “I love the competition, I love the training, I love knowing that I would be safe in a fight if it happened. It makes me more comfortable with myself and I am a happier person because of it. The training is also a great way to stay physically active.”

He says he has no plans of slowing down soon:

“When I go to college, I plan to train in mixed martial arts full-time, as well as study,” he says.

MacDonald plans to attend Fanshawe College in London Ontario this coming school year.

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