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Local teacher receives recognition

Published: October 25, 2017


 As part of the festivities organized for their 20th anniversary, Ontario’s eight French-language Catholic school boards are joining forces to recognize the work and exceptional commitment of members of their school communities.

 Throughout October, the Recognition Tour has been travelling across the province to pay tribute to community leaders who, through their professionalism, their dedication and their generosity on a daily basis, allow French-language Catholic schools to offer the best French-language education in Ontario.

 A series of major and minor events have been secretly organized to pay homage to two leaders from each school board. These individuals were selected because they stand out by their commitment and the scope of their action. They are examples, among countless others, of those who ensure that Catholic schools make a difference in the lives of their students and their communities.

This tour came all the way to Red Lake this Monday October 16th to recognize the exceptional commitment and dedication of Mélanie Giguère, teacher at École catholique des Étoiles-du-Nord. Mélanie was surprised last Monday evening as she entered the restaurant for what she thought was a casual dinner with her husband and family.

Melanie has a natural ability to establish a very good rapport with her students by using humor, creativity, music and a positive approach. Two years ago, she started a community project that was suggested by her students in response to their concern about homeless people that they noticed near the school. In an effort to create an authentic learning experience, she let them discuss the problem and find their own solutions. They decided to distribute hats, mittens, socks and scarves throughout the town by hanging these in clear plastic bags on posts, fences or other strategic places.

They also visited the Red Lake Area Emergency Shelter and were inspired to continue to help in other ways such as planting a garden to provide fresh produce for the shelter. Madeleine Oakes, principal is very proud of this exceptional teacher: “Mélanie deserves this important recognition. She is always attentive to her students’ ideas and allows them to achieve their dreams and become responsible citizens of Red Lake.”

Throughout the month of October, the public is invited to follow the Recognition Tour on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by tracking: #MeilleureEducation

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