Local runners take to Winnipeg streets

Published June 22, 2016

By Jennifer Thurbide

Twenty-six area residents made the trek to Winnipeg, MB this past weekend for the Manitoba Marathon. Balmertown’s Nathan Herbert completed the half-marathon distance of 13.1 miles in a time of 1.29.23 earning him 18th place in the men’s event.

Five veteran runners tackled the 42 km full marathon course including Matt Long, Candace Herbert, Jean McNamee, Tamara Tymchuk and Ear Falls resident Gord Ewald.

“The heat made things tough this year,” noted McNamee while sharing some race day stories. “The reversing of what used to be the MB Marathon route made for an interesting perspective for someone like me who was so used to the previous course. As always the event was well organized with many wonderful volunteers and cheering people who live along the way. I was even offered a can of beer at one place. I didn’t accept it because I knew I would regret it later! Us marathoners got to run through some really beautiful areas of Winnipeg.”

Each year more than 14,000 people gather together to experience the annual event that includes a full marathon, half marathon, 10 km, and 5km Super Run.

Manitoba Marathon Participant Results:

Red Lake Event Finish Time
Matt Long Full 3.38.47
Tamara Tymchuk Full 3.49.10
Candace Herbert Full 4.39.27
Jean McNamee Full 5.57.40
Nathan Herbert Half 1.29.23
Kyle McDonald Half 1.48.01
Robert Partridge Half 2.04.28
Pamela Dittrich Half 2.12.12
Christine Gawlt Half 2.13.47
Christine Brown Half 2.17.37
Ashley Moncrief Half 2.17.38
Kevin Verhagen Half 2.54.04
Jeannette Hager Half 2.23.05
Megan Doyle Half 2.27.00
Hepsiba Guevara 10km 1.05.47
Chris McCann 10 km 1.05.47
Jacinda Brisson 10 km 1.07.06
Jena Brisson 10 km 1.12.48
Allistair McRae 10 km 1.28.31
Michelle Sandberg 10 km 1.33.02
Liam Sandberg 10 km 1.33.03
Kevin Sandberg 10 km 1.33.04
Mitch Brisson 10 km 1.42.12
Grazia Cianci 10 km 1.42.39
Ear Falls    
Gord Ewald Full 4.32.17
Barbara Van Diest 10 km 1.32.07
Emaya Van Diest 10 km 1.32.07

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