Local Art Celebrated at Heritage Centre

Published: November 22, 2017


On Nov. 16 a large crowd gathered at the Red Lake Regional Heritage Centre for the opening night of the Red Lake Art Show.  The exhibition is sponsored by the Red Lake Arts Council (RLAC) and hosts pieces created by local artists.  This is the 3rd annual show, and this year’s exhibit reflects a blossoming art scene.

“People are gaining more confidence in their art,” commented Janet Hagar, director of RLAC.  “There’s a lot of closet artists out there…I’ve noticed people have more pride and enjoy sharing their gifts.  If you’re going to live in the north and pursue quality of life you have to be able to share your thoughts – art speaks to people.”

Among the thoughts and ideas expressed in this year’s exhibit include tributes to the natural world and personal experience.  Many pieces portrayed elements of landscape or wildlife, a testament to the influence of Red Lake’s geography on our collective experience.  One such piece was a photo of a Great Grey Owl captured by Amy Newport on Highway 105.  


“It was a magical encounter with a magnificent creature,” she observed, “Red Lake is definitely a great place to pursue my art and love of nature, landscapes and wildlife.”

For Monias Rae, a newcomer to the exhibition, art is a way to capture and share his life experiences.  When asked what inspires creation for him, he noted moods and songs.  His feature painting is titled Stolen Child, Come Home and was inspired by the Billy Gilman song Oklahoma

Donald Nord, a local photographer, reflected on the ability of art to expose and examine social relationships and spiritual relationships. “Art opens the mind and the heart both ways; so many people take things for granted.  When you experience art it creates stimulation in the mind and opens it up to other things.  It’s a creative experience.”

Those in attendance soaked in instrumental melodies by local music group, Strings and Such, as they munched on refreshments and took in the exhibit.  The informal atmosphere was conducive to mingling with artists, as well as participating in live art with Rhonda Beckman. 

The Heritage Centre will host the art show until the end of December.  Be sure to stop in for a chance to vote for your favourite piece!

Photo: Amy Newport showcases her photo of a Great Grey Owl captured on the 105.

Credit: Photo by Becca Letkeman

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