LEAP training

Published: March 8, 2017

Local healthcare providers participated in the LEAP course (Learning Essential Approaches to Palliative and End of Life Care) over the weekend of Feb. 3-5. The course taught through Pallium Canada by a group of providers who specialize in palliative / end of life care. Healthcare providers from Red Lake and Ear Falls were in attendance, including physicians, nurses, and social workers.

“The committee is currently working on palliative and end of life care strategies that will support clients, families, and caregivers across all stages of palliative care,” said Chief Nursing Executive Rebecca Ross recently.  

RLMCMH, which oversees Red Lake’s Palliative Care Committee, became the lead regional organization in 2015 and signed a partnership agreement with the Northwest LHIN Regional Palliative Care Program.

Credit: Submitted Photo

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