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Just another day at the office, sort of

Here we go.

I know rumours have been circulating about what’s happening here at The Northern Sun News and that’s normal. We all know rumours travel faster than the speed of light in a small town. They keep life interesting, don’t they?!

As the rumours swelled, one regional media outlet got ahold of the news that our last issue was fast approaching, and thus began the long string of e-mails, phone calls, Facebook messages, and texts from more media, as well as concerned local and out-of-town readers, subscribers, and advertisers. The news that the Sept. 2 issue would be our last started officially circulating before we’d even had had time to digest it. But hey, such is the news business.

The truth is, up until late last week, we thought we’d be saying farewell in next week’s issue, on Sept. 9. The change of plans happened quickly, and our heads were still spinning as we worked on putting this issue together.

Even though we haven’t been able to provide you with a lot of information, the staff here in our office was open about the plan to stop publication on Sept. 2 as soon as we were made aware of that plan.

We realize that this news came as a real blow to many of you, so we would like to inform you that this break in service might only be temporary. There are people currently working on a plan to keep a community newspaper operating in the Red Lake area.

Either way, if you have a subscription or current business with us, you can expect someone from our local office or our head office to be in touch with you shortly as to how we will proceed.

While we’re in a state of flux, I would like to take this opportunity to say some thank-yous. *Cue the cheesy Hallmark music.

Thanks to our loyal readers and subscribers. When we work hard on stories, and we know you pick up the paper to read them, or purchase or renew a subscription, it means so much to us. Your recent outpouring of support shows us that there is still a need for community newspapers in this day and age.

Thanks to our advertisers. Every ad you place with us helps pay the cost of printing the newspaper, shipping it from Winnipeg and up Hwy 105, and, of course, our bills and wages. We would not be able to do this without you.

Thanks for sharing your stories with us and for telling us about the issues that matter to you. We’ve covered so many interesting stories, but also some sad and tragic ones. We appreciate when you open up to us and trust us to tell them.

Thanks for your suggestions and for letting us know when you don’t agree with us. Constructive criticism is always welcome because it’s part of what drives us to keep improving.

Thanks for listening, especially right now, but also throughout the years.

And finally, I want to personally thank my co-workers Claire and Sarah (in Red Lake) and Evan and Kris (in Dryden) for their commitment and hard work, especially in the last few weeks. We’re a small team, but we’re mighty!

I wish there was a dramatic ending to this story, like a really good Blockbuster, but instead, we’re simply telling you the truth because that’s how we roll.

See you around and we’ll be in touch. 🙂

Lindsay Briscoe

PS: Remember, we have a federal election coming up on Oct. 19. Please vote. It matters.

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