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Instep Dancers shine at Celebration Talent Competition


The competitive dance teams and soloists from Instep Dance travelled to Duluth, Minnesota for the Celebration Talent Competition held on the weekend of April 22. The dancers earned over 50 awards.

“What an amazing weekend for Instep Dance Dancers,” said Instep Dance owner and coach Margaret Ecuimates.

“Diamond awards go to all the moms and dads who travelled, cheered on the dancers for the long days, and made sure their dancers were ready to go! These girls and I couldn’t do it without your help. Dancers, I am proud of each and everyone of you for being the most dedicated and amazing dancers out there! Your achievements this weekend were outstanding,” she added.

Erin Green and Jorja Kelly – duet – Gold
Madelyn Aiken and Jasmine Fiddler – duet – High Gold

Camryn Morse – solo – Gold
Morgan Bruce – solo – High Gold
Landon Labonte – solo – High Gold
Trinity Aiken – solo – High Gold
Jordan Campbell – solo – High Gold
Chloe Kreger – solo – High Gold
Molly Munro – solo – High Gold, 12th overall, and Judges’ Choice Performance Award.
Alyssa McIntosh – solo – High Gold
Emma Beardy – solo – Gold

Kyrsten Procyk – solo – Platinum, 4th overall, and nominated as 1 of 5 teen soloist dancer of the year finalist for national finals.
“Work” – Lightening Team – Gold
Jamie Herr – solo – High Gold
Emily Szaflik – solo – High Gold
Jersey Joliceour – solo – Gold
“Bust a Move” – Lightening Team – High Gold, Judges’ Choice Performance Award
Kierstyn Moffat – solo – High Gold
Payton Gravelle – solo – High Gold
“This is How We Roll” – Lightening Team – High Gold, 2nd overall
Shayna Picard  – solo – Gold
“Big Spender” – Lightening Team – High Gold, 3rd overall

“Me and My Girls” – Dazzling Daisies Team – High Gold
Paityn Zapora – solo – Gold
Alexis Aiken – solo – High Gold
“Juicy Wiggle” – Dazzling Daisies Team– Platinum, 1st overall, Performance Award
Shaia Slaney – solo – Platinum, 1st overall, 1 of 2 for dancer of the year finalist for nationals
“Lollipop” – Sugar Bee Team – High Gold
“Dear Future Husband” – Dazzling Daisies Team – High Gold
Jillian Aiken – solo – High Gold
“Itsy Bitsy Spider” – Sugar Bee Team – Gold, Judges’ Choice Award

“It’s a Hard Knock Life” – Starstruck Team – High Gold
Shayne Bruchkowski and Emma Beardy – duet – High Gold
“Halo” – Starstruck Team – Gold
“Downtown” – Starstruck Team – High Gold
“Dance With Me Tonight” – Starstruck Team – High Gold
Morgan Bruce and Jordan Campbell – duet – High Gold, 6th overall
“Crazy in Love” – Rock Star Team – High Gold, 5th overall
“Journey” – Rock Star Team – High Gold
“One Woman Army” – Rock Star Team – High Gold
“Emergency” – Rock Star Team – High Gold
“Where They From” – Rock Star Team – High Gold, 1st overall

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