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Hospital foundation golf tournament draws over $140K

Published: July 5, 2018


This year’s Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Hospital Foundation Annual Golf Tournament set new records for fundraising, bringing in over $140,000, the highest profit ever earned at the event.

Held June 16 and 17, with 22 teams participating, the tournament brought in money that will be used for purchasing capital equipment for the hospital.

Pearl Fleming, executive assistant for the hospital, explained that over the next five years the foundation has pledged $250,000 toward new diagnostic imaging equipment, and $42,000 to purchase a new washer/disinfector for the medical device reprocessing department, which is currently under renovation to meet Accreditation Canada standards.

“Our golf tournament was a huge success raising $143,000,” said Marion Whitton, one of the organizers.

“Our thanks to all our sponsors and people that came out to support us especially Goldcorp for their generous donation of $50,000 and Mike Desmeulles for his generous donation of $20,000. On behalf of the RLMHC Hospital Foundation thank you all very much. Your support is very much appreciated and a real asset to our community.”

More than 50 businesses made generous cash do nations, and a charity auction and wine and cheese event earned $17,000. Team Rubicon came in first place in the tournament.

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