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Hockey “Sad”urday Night In Canada

Published: April 5, 2017

Saturday, Mar. 25 so called hockey expert panellist Nick Kypreos comments on two incidents, one during the first period of the second game on Hockey Night in Canada. The other was the middle of the previous week’s game between Pittsburgh and Ottawa.

1st infraction: Crosby slashes opponent’s hand ripping off his fingernail.
2nd infraction: A player from Colorado delivers a yellow belly cross check from the back (backstabber) on Pat Maroon from the Oilers. Maroon, a big, tough guy went down, tried to get up and fell to the ice. He went to the dressing room under his own power. Thankfully I heard he will be ok.  

Nick says players know where you are vulnerable – arms, back of leg, kidney and rib area and certain areas of the hand – and this is what they go after. “Cowards”

He says when they get you in those areas they are delivering a message. (What Message)

When I want to deliver a message I phone, write a letter or confront them in person. As well there are more modern methods that I am not into yet.

I do know if I use a stick and strike someone with it I am paying a fine and/or going to jail.

The final comment was a “sad” night for hockey. He said that these two (what I call) hockey infractions were two good hockey plays. Are you serious Nick?

As a long-time coach one of our jobs was to teach the players that sticks were for passing, receiving, carrying the puck and shooting the puck. Anything else would result in a penalty, possibly major, game misconduct and suspensions.

Players, parents, and coaches are all watching this and listening to this so called expert.

Nick should have to apologize for his incorrect comments. If he fails to do this he should be banned from Hockey Night in Canada.

Richard Pitura

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