Hire for Talent initiative set to connect employers with new talent

Published: October 25, 2017


One local organization is looking to assist employers connect with new talent. Last week Chukuni Communities Development Corporation (CCDC) participated in the launch of a pan-Canadian employer awareness campaign to increase employers’ confidence in hiring persons with disabilities.

“CCDC is assisting with increasing the awareness of the initiative in our service area and we are a resource for helping employers find assistance that they may require when hiring individuals with disabilities,” said Manager Cathy Quesnel-Loessl last week of the launch.

“Employers will now have access to experts who can assist with anything they made need when hiring an individual with any type of disability.  There are a lot of myths out there regarding persons with disabilities and employment opportunities.  This program was designed to answer these questions and encourage employers to tap into underutilized sector of potential employees.  The hope is that more employers will look to hire individuals with disabilities and get individuals in to the workforce.”

The HIRE for TALENT campaign will help employers tap into this talent pool during their search for skilled workers. By understanding how to create inclusive workplaces, employers will discover the corporate and business advantages of hiring people with disabilities.

CCDC is a proud partner of the HIRE for TALENT project and has participated as a member of the project’s National Advisory Committee, advising the Restigouche CBDC (managers of the national project) on the design and development of the national awareness campaign.

Employers are invited to visit the HIRE for TALENT website ( featuring the Employer Toolkit and videos of employer and employee testimonials speaking to the benefits of hiring people with disabilities. On the Website, employers can email CCDC to receive help to recruit, hire, train and retain people with disabilities.

The HIRE for TALENT campaign, the online Employer Toolkit, and the unique network of partnerships will enable the awareness campaign to reach the largest possible number of employers across Canada and offer them support in their efforts to hire and maintain successful employment of people with disabilities.

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