“Heinous act” of abandoning moose under review, leads to increased enforcement

Published: November 8, 2017


The Ministry of Natural Resources continues to look into the circumstances of three abandoned moose found in identical and “unusual” contexts.

“There is an open moose hunt and unfortunately every year we do investigate incidents of shot and abandoned moose,” said Conservation Officer Michael Evers on Nov. 2. “These circumstances, to have three of these abandoned moose show up without a nose and a tongue, in itself, are unusual.”

Evers says he cannot comment on active investigations, however he speculates the three moose found from September to November are in some way connected. On Oct. 13 conservation officers discovered a bull moose that had been shot and left abandoned on the Vermillion River Road, in the vicinity of kilometre marker 145. On Sept. 28 a carcass was found on South Bay Mine Road in the area east of Washagomis Lake, in wildlife management unit 16A. The third was in the Sioux Lookout management district.

He says in response to the incidents enforcement has been enlarged in the district.

“There has been an increased enforcement presence particularly in the Ear Falls area where these abandon moose have been turning up. It has also included the use of aircraft such as helicopters and blitzes by officers. At the end of the day there is only so much that we can do as officers in the field to solve these things.”

He says the Ministry is encouraging the public to contact them or Crime Stoppers with any information that would lead to identifying who is responsible for the abandoned animals.

“Whether you are a fan of the ministry or not we can all agree that this sort of behavior is not acceptable. We have a 1,500lb moose lying dead in the woods that could’ve been salvaged. It shows a complete disrespect not only for the moose but also for all of us residents in northwestern Ontario that enjoy hunting moose or just observing moose in the wild. It is a pretty heinous act.”



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