Grant positions Norseman Festival for a 2018 return

Published January 3, 2018


The Norseman Festival received a boost in paying their 2017 bills and getting a head start on a 2018 event last week after receiving a provincial government grant.

On Dec. 28 committee representatives confirmed that $15,000 had been secured from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund to assist with the cost of the Canadian Harvard Areobatic Team visit in July.

“We are very grateful to receive this money as our reserves were totally depleted with the extra cost of the airshow this year,” said Deb Henrikson from the Festival Committee. “This money will be instrumental in ensuring the Festival has the start-up capital to have a festival in 2018.”

The Hwy 105 Tourism and Marketing Board helped to secure funding and representatives Duane Riddell and Sophie Castonguay presented a cheque to Henrikson on Dec. 21.

This is the second grant that the festival received this year as $5,000 was received from the Canada 150 Fund earlier in 2017.

Riddell says the Hwy 105 Board was instrumental in securing both grants.

“We are very pleased that we could help” said Duane Riddell Chairman of the Hwy 105 Tourism and Marketing Board. “This is part of our new mandate to support local community groups and organizations involved in tourism related activities throughout the region.

Riddell says the group incorporated for this purpose in 2016.

“The board looks forward to helping other organizations in the future,” he added.

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