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GLC goes under the sea









Caption: Junior and senior kindergarten students participate in a Skype session and learn about sea shells from marine biologists working on the Indian Ocean.


It was a big day for junior and senior kindergarteners at Golden Learning Centre on Nov. 7 when they took part in a virtual aquatic-based workshop with marine biologists on the other side of the globe via Skype.

All the way from the Seychelles, on the Indian Ocean off the Eastern Coast of Africa, instructors from the organization WiseOceans taught the young students about marine biology and conservation. The kindergarten classes were the first class in the world to participate in the program via Skype.

Sharing valuable information about ocean ecosystems and sea life, WiseOceans educates through interactive presentations, activities, public talks, school assemblies, and songs based on the age group.

The instructors kept the kindergarteners engaged by keeping the talk light and interactive. They covered topics such as food chains, ecosystems, endangered animals and other conservation issues.

“The kids loved it! They learned some songs and had a lot of questions for the two marine biologists,” said junior kindergarten teacher Martene Herbert.

She says the students are currently covering similar information in their curriculum so the interactive nature of the Skype session mixes up their usual learning methods and gives them a new outlet to absorb the material.

“I like learning about whales and what they eat,” said junior kindergarten student Kamdyn.

GLC students, from a number of grades have been participating in a variety of interactive Skype sessions with organizations from all corners of the globe.

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