Gazebo dedicated to family, friends: Centennial Park gets a new feature

Published June 29, 2016


Centennial Park’s newest feature was a hub of activity on June 26 as friends and families gathered for the unveiling of a dedication plaque on the structure.

Taking a few minutes out of their bbqing duties last Saturday, Lion’s Club members told the gathered crowd the history of the gazebo and what it took to make it a reality.

“Last year we built a gazebo at Rahill Beach and we had money left over,” explained Kolmel. “The reason we had money left over was because we partnered with individuals and organizations in this community. If we wouldn’t have done that, you would have gotten your gazebo at Rahill Beach end of story.”

Kolmel says the local organization worked with community partners to get materials and labour at a lower than normal rate which allowed the funds they had for the original project to stretch into a second structure.

“What we found out was instead of just being a Lion’s Club project, this became a town project. A lot of people became involved. A lot of people did something, not necessarily for nothing, we never asked that but they did it for less. The more people who did it for less the more we got,” he added.

Fellow Lion’s Club member Linda Grunewald thanked everyone who attends their fundraisers and noted the idea for the structure came from Kolmel.

“Many of you come to our garage sales and a lot of you buy our medallions and that is where our money comes from. From you donating or helping us out.”

The Lion’s Club recognized Dave Franczak, Peppi Pace and the Municipality of Red Lake for their contribution to the project.

The gazebo was dedicated in memory of Anna Johannesson, Peter Struk, Sharron Taylor, Peter Traczuk, and Aniruddh Sawant.


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