Five apps for outdoorsy Ontarians

wildedibles2BY CLAIRE CUDAHY

Whether you’re into fishing or foraging, star gazing or animal tracking…there’s an app (or ten) for that. This week The Northern Sun News filtered through the masses to bring you five apps suited for the outdoorsy northwestern Ontarian.

iFish Ontario

The iFish Ontario app allows you to mark hotspots on 8,500 lakes across the province. You also can log and share your catches with a photo, GPS location, and voice memo. Other perks include access to depth charts, weather forecasts, and a solunar fishing calendar. The app costs $6.99.


Ever looked up at the night sky and wish you knew a thing or two about astronomy? SkyView to the rescue. Open the free app and point your smartphone at the sky to identify stars, constellations, planets, and satellites. You can even set the app to notify you of upcoming stargazing events like the rise of Jupiter or when the International Space Station will be visible.

Wild Edibles

This foraging app contains a guide for identifying nearly 150 plant species found in North America. It includes helpful tidbits like the best season to forage for each plant, specific features for a positive identification, warnings on similar-looking poisonous plants, medicinal uses, and even recipes. Download the “Lite” version with limited content for free before committing to the “Full” app, which goes for $8.99.

The Sibley eGuide to the Birds of North America

The popular printed field guide to North American birds now fits conveniently on your smartphone. The Sibley eGuide, retailed at $22.99, contains beautiful illustrations, detailed features of species, and an audio library of birdcalls. It also allows you to compare birds side-by-side for an accurate final identification. Regular updates to the app make it a better value than the book.


Geocaching is a modern day treasure hunt where players hide caches of small items or tokens, then post the cache’s GPS location for other players to find. Whether you’re canoeing through Woodland Caribou Provincial Park or walking down a street in Paris, you can find one of the nearly two million active geocaches worldwide. Dip your toe in the geocaching pool with the free intro app before taking the plunge with the full $11.99 version.

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