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Fire those burning questions

As you’ve likely already heard, Prime Minister Stephen Harper dropped the writ over the August long weekend, on Aug. 2.

In other words, he visited Rideau Hall In Ottawa and recommended Governor General David Johnston dissolve parliament. Johnston took the advice, the formalities were carried out, and with that, the federal election campaign was officially underway.

With 78 days between Aug. 2 and Oct. 19—the day when Canadians from coast to coast to coast will head to the polls—this election campaign will be the longest and likely the costliest in our country’s history since 1872.

Of course, as we coast through August (seriously, where does the time go?) toward voting day, The Northern Sun News is calling on you to come forward with your election-related ideas, comments, thoughts, gripes, predictions, hopes, and most importantly, your questions.

We’ll take the information we collect into consideration as we prepare for our pre-election coverage. We’ll use it to get a better sense of the issues that matter to you and to formulate the questions we ask those running in the Kenora riding.

I know a lot of my friends with young families were excited to cash their Universal Childcare Benefit cheques last month, while others were saying actual affordable childcare should be the priority.

I know there are people in our region who agree with the Harper government’s pledge to continue beefing up law enforcement, national security, and sending Canadian troops abroad to fight ISIS. Others agree with the Green Party’s leader Elizabeth May who says the real security threat to Canada is the “climate crisis.”

One thing’s for certain, the leaders of each major political party in Canada spoke of the economy at length in their campaign kick-off speeches. They may have varied opinions on the best way to get there, but it’s clear that job creation and employment stability are a top priority for each party.

So, perhaps you’re interested in how the people running for those parties in the Kenora riding plan to tackle these issues as Canada heads into what TD Bank—and other economists—are calling another recession.

Wherever you stand—whether you’re a diehard supporter of a particular party or heading to the polls for the very first time this fall—we’re here to hear you out. Please don’t be shy! Your question doesn’t have to be perfectly formulated or carefully crafted. Scribble it on a Post-it if that’s what works for you. Let’s get this conversation going.

Drop us a line via e-mail: lindsay@thenorthernsun.com, our Facebook page, phone: (808) 727-2888, or stop by our office: 200 Howey St. in Red Lake.

Lindsay Briscoe

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