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Field Trip with Mr. Partridge

Published: October 11, 2017


On Tuesday, Sept. 19 the RLMPS grade 5/6 class took a field trip to the Whiskey Jack forest with Mr. Partridge and his dog, Carma. They went for research for the grade six habitat curriculum.

First the grade 5/6 class learned about the history of the 40 year old part of the forest they went to. Which included the big fire of Red Lake where the people of Red Lake needed to be evacuated. That led to exploring that part of the forest and looking for signs of the fire. The grade 5/6 class also saw lots of poplar, willow, birch, and red pine trees.

Then they were given a grocery bag, which they had to use for collecting plants and interesting things. The things that were collected were things like cool leaves, mushrooms, flowers and moss.  

After that they went into a different part of the forest where they learned about the twenty year old pine forest. They learned about the spruce, red pine, Jack pine and black spruce. Then Mr. Partridge explained that moss sucks in water to make itself warmer and colder. Then they stopped to look at a producer, which tree cutters use for stripping off branches after cutting down the trees.  

Then the grade 5/6 class went to another stop which was a mature forest.  They had to walk through big mud before they got to walk in the forest. Then when they were riding the bus to their next stop Mr. Partridge also showed them bear poo. Which was very disgusting.

Finally at their last stop, where they were harvesting the seeds,  they looked at the black spruce.  We had to say goodbye to Mr. Partridge and Carma and go back to school.

So the grade 5/6 class had an amazing field trip and will be doing others soon. They learned a lot about the trees and got lots of research for their projects.

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