Family entertainment series line-up has something for everyone

Published: September 13, 2017


Another season of family-friendly entertainment is on the horizon and organizers note increased efforts will be made to promote and market the upcoming line-up.

The 2017-18 Red Lake Family Entertainment show schedule was announced recently sporting productions meant to appeal to a variety of age levels. This year the group is sponsoring musical act Al Simmons, performances from Dufflebag Theatre and To Be Determined Theatre Company as well as Prisoner of Tehran to be put on by the Motus O Dance Theatre.

“Our goal is to provide entertainment for the local kids and to introduce them to performing arts of music and dance,” said Renee Bausch in an interview last week noting that to keep performances cost efficient for families the group relies on fundraising and ticket sales to carry on.

The entertainment series was founded in 2011 by a group of mothers that identified a need for artistic productions geared to family and who received a Fresh Start Grant from Heritage Canada for the first set of shows in 2012. Since then the group has been able to bring into the community an average of four shows a year including magicians, ukulele player, clowns, percussion, interpretive dance, stage shows and marionettes.

However, Bausch says it is still a small group of volunteers working with a limited budget. Some shows draw capacity crowds while others draw out minimal supporters making ticket sales an unreliable income. This year the group has reached out to the Ontario Arts Council for funding to assist with marketing and promotion as well as have established new partnerships and strengthened old ones.

One aspect of this initiative has been to work with the Wilderness Entertainment Series on co-hosting the Motus O Dance Theatre production in February which is geared to a teenage audience. The other has been to approach the Patricia Players about a locally sourced performance for youth of which details are expected to be announced next month.

The group has also received the sought out arts grant for $2,430 which will assist the group in n purchasing books to generate hype around theatre performances and to creatively market musical performances.

When asked what will it take to keep this entertainment series going Bausch replied.

“Definitely motivated people. At one people I think there was only three or four doing it. My goal this year is to grow. Our executive is now growing and putting together a ‘friends of’ list.”


2017-18 Performance List

Al Simmons – Nov. 27/17

Dufflebag Theatre – Jan. 20/18

Motus O Dance Theatre – Feb. 8/18

Jillian Jiggs – Mar. 31/18





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