Everything old is new again

One of 2nd Chance's first customers finds a long sought-after treasure at the store's grand opening on Dec. 5.
One of 2nd Chance’s first customers finds a long sought-after treasure at the store’s grand opening on Dec. 5.


Red Lake’s newest second hand store, 2nd Chance: The Giving Thrift Store, officially opened its doors last week.

The store is a non-profit that operates on volunteer hours and aims to donate all proceeds to a different charity every month (some local, some not).

“Our tagline, ‘The Giving Thrift Store,’ really says a lot about who we are and why we are doing this. It’s kind of a pay-it-forward idea,” says the store’s General Manager, Lynne Rasmussen McDougall. “Generous people give to us through donations, we give back to the community by offering quality used goods at fair prices. Our volunteers give of their time to serve the community, and the proceeds are given to local and other charities. The store is completely staffed by volunteers so that we can donate all proceeds to worthy causes.”

Rita Nisly, along with other members of Grace Community Church in Red Lake, spearheaded the project after thinking about it for several years. They felt there was a need for a local discount store as other businesses collecting second hand items including clothing and household goods that are no longer around.

Rasmussen McDougall says she hopes the store will fill that gap and provide what she and others see as a much-needed service for the community.

“From the feedback we’ve received so far, I would say we are. So many people are excited to hear that (we’ve opened). We look forward to giving back to the community, to keeping all this ‘stuff’ out of the landfill, and to raising money for worthy causes.”

Despite the dismal weather last Thursday, the store had success with its grand opening, with about 70 people coming in to browse.

“We even had a customer ask about something he had seen in the window a couple of weeks ago! So people really have been watching and waiting for us to open,” adds Rasmussen McDougall.

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