Events centre feasibility study bid gets stamp of approval


Red Lake is about to take one more step in the process that could eventually lead to the construction of a community events centre.

Red Lake councillors voted this past Monday to accept a feasibility study bid from Stantec Inc. that will come in at more than $145,000 with HST. The feasibility study will help anticipate any pitfalls or problems, identify solutions, and plan for what’s ahead.

“Stantec has a great reputation, and has done many feasibility studies around events centres and recreation complexes. Staff feels comfortable moving forward with them on this initiative,” said Municipal CAO Mark Vermette at the March 14 Committee of the Whole meeting.

Councillor Jack Goodwillie expressed some concern about the cost of the feasibility study and what the next steps would be once it is complete.

“I just want to know, so this Stantec report, will that take us right up to the events centre? I’m starting to look at the cost…is that the end of the studies or is there more to come after that?”

“It takes you right to the full engineering,” replied Vermette. “There are many components to this study, but it covers what the community wants, what we can afford. There will be a real opportunity throughout for all residents to speak to this, not just user groups or hockey.”

As highlighted on Pg. 10 of Red Lake’s new Strategic Plan (2016-2020), increasing participation in recreational opportunities as well as confirming direction for potential future multi-use/standalone facilities are objectives targeted for completion by 2020.

Up to $150,000 has been budgeted for the feasibility study. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities has committed $75,090 and the Municipality will put in $15,000. Red Lake Councillors voted to approve bridge financing to cover the rest of the cost while they wait to hear back on two other funding applications.

Stantec will start the feasibility study by April. It will take three to four months to complete.

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