Editorial – They’re going back

Published: August 31, 2016

For many, if not most, summer vacation came to an abrupt end this week as our eager students headed back to school. It feels like just last week we were celebrating the successes of our spring public and high school graduates and wishing them well as they embark on the next stage of their lives.

This time of year is a cornucopia of new beginnings – new classes, new notebooks, new electronics, new outfits – it also new opportunities for us here at the Northern Sun News as we look forward to another school season of covering student-led events, teacher inspired activities and the occasional hard news story related to contract negotiations and funding models.

We devote a lot of resources to covering education and school activities and one of the main reasons is that school does truly touch us all. If we did not graduate from one of them, we know someone who did. We have children or grandchildren or neighbours who are almost certainly attending. We are fans of the multimedia presentations and school productions. We plan our weekly schedules around Rams games along with the annual primary and intermediate level tournaments.

Along with preparing our young people for success, schools are also spending a chunk of our local tax dollars. Most media outlets, ours included, take the job of watching how those tax dollars are spent seriously, and which most often means keeping an eye on those who are making decisions.

We have recently ran some back to school content and further into this edition you will find an additional safety message, however, I have comprised my own list of random reminders to kick off this new school year.

  • Please be extra cautious over the next few weeks and watch out for children who may be crossing or darting out into streets as they go to school. I liken the first few weeks of school to the first snowfall every year when we “forget” how to drive in snow.
  • Students, take advantage of the opportunity you have for a quality education. Doing so will place you on a path for future success, while failure to do so will almost surely lead to regrets.
  • Parents, be aware that your children’s success in school often depends on your support and involvement. Encourage them to apply themselves and make sure they do their homework.
  • Talk to your kids about bullying. It is happening out there at all ages. Make sure they understand the right way to treat their peers and when they should speak up if they see someone else being bullied
  • and: Don’t forget to send your students to school.

This last one may come a day or two late and seem like a no brainer but believe me it has happened.(Yes there was one year my mom didn’t send us to school because she had the days mixed up. She still hears about it at family functions.)

The new school year is a special time – there is a clean board where all things are possible. Let’s start working to fill it back up.


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