Editorial — 30 May 2017

Published: May 24, 2017

by Jennifer Parsons

This last week I was covering some seasonal events and they seemed familiar. Not only in a “like been here before” way but in a “like written about this before.” A quick look at the calendar confirmed this last week was an anniversary of sorts. It’s been a year since I opened my email from a former colleague offering me a chance at a new career. At the time I was filling my days with work as it came and planning what turned out to be a pretty fun party.

In honour of this I would like to share some observations I have made and conclusions I have come to in the last 365 +/- days as “media” in the district.

*newspapers are dying but they aren’t dead yet – for the last decade the population has been  reading about the death of the newspaper industry. However in small towns the hard copy versions are still in demand as they show up in break rooms and waiting rooms and on restaurant tables sporadically. They are an outlet for community news, keeping track of residents and their accomplishments near and far. I was at Golden Learning Centre earlier this year and they had a bulletin board with their students in the news. It was a visual reminder there is still an audience for our news. There will be a time when paper is nonexistent and digital will rule but it’s not quite yet

*Positivity rules – I came into this role during the second incarnation of Red Lake Confessions. Last summer while enjoying the Norse man flyby I was privy to a conversation about how to combat the negativity that seemed to be consuming may people’s  thoughts and Facebook feeds. At the time I thought the efforts would be futile because negativity=entertainment. I was wrong and I am so glad. Revitalize Red Lake has gone from a Facebook feed to a movement encouraging us all to dig in and make things better.

*Line ups are parties – have you stood in a line around here recently? They are a riot. Neighbours elbowing each other and talking up the latest comings and goings in sports, entertainment and/or education. In our slower paced environment waiting in line is a rarity not the norm so when they do form, it’s a party.

*Our boom went bust- There is a meme I saw recently that sticks with me every time I hear anyone talking about the downturn in our economy. When the Canadian economy was busting we were laughing. Thee laughing has stopped and times have gotten hard for many. The strength of a community is not how it celebrates the good time but how it weathers the hard times. We are still being tested.

*Everyone can take a photo, even me – technology is great. We all have mini computers, cameras, phones, game systems and agendas in our handbags or back pockets. Everyone has a camera and we all snap away with abandon but we have to realize that even with the quality advances not all shots are winners and photography is still an art.

*Mistakes are made – this one has to be the hardest one to admit and it’s the main cause of anxiety in our world.  This past year has been one of transitions in all aspects of our organization. New writers, new editors, new administrative staff – we do what we can to address errors and omissions and correct them. We are constantly working to do better and be better at what we do.


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