Editorial – Nightmare before Hallowe’en

Published: October 25, 2017


Cruising the Internet on one of those “I should go to bed but I am so comfortable so I am going to search random thoughts” recently I came across a fun debate: The Nightmare Before Christmas, a classic holiday movie. Agreed? Awesome – which holiday?

I mean it has Christmas in the title but yet the ghosts and ghouls imply Hallowe’en. Did not know this but Tim Burton’s brainchild was originally planned as a Christmas special but studios repeatedly rejected it. He re-wrote it as a full-length feature film and voila – hit!

So really who cares, and most times I don’t, but the whole debate brought forward another classic conundrum, when is it appropriate to break out the tinsel and the eggnog.

 As someone who has a completely co-dependent relationship with my smart phone calendar I understand the need to plan and have had conversations about office parties and Skates with Santa and many have mentioned in passing how many shopping Fridays are left before “the big day” but that is the extent of my holiday cheer until at least the end of November.

Every year it seems that Christmas decorations start appearing earlier and earlier and stores are now playing Christmas music as earlier mid-October. Decorations start appearing throughout November. The US Thanksgiving usually symbolizes a free for all on the winter holiday season with trees appearing very shortly afterward.

I should probably save this fun fact till mid-December but it’s too good to pass up. In centuries gone by, Christmas trees were not brought into the house, let alone decorated, until noon on Christmas Eve. However, the cost and the work associated with getting and dressing the darn things merit having it hang around for more than just a few days. In my house reverting back to the historic custom might make the husband happy because I get a perverse enjoyment in saying “Let’s go get a tree today” on a Sunday after one of our company Christmas parties.

Now we have had a awesome October where the weather is concerned and we have been able to delay outdoor work as long as possible and now is a great time to be thinking about putting up the Christmas lights. The last week or so you probably could’ve done it in your shorts and be ready to go when its time to flick the switch. But can we all agree that, even if we are ready, we won’t do it until mid-November.

In a world where it takes a major effort to just focus on one thing can we all agree that one holiday at a time is the way to go? Can we get past the fright and uber amounts of candy and then focus on respecting and paying tribute to the veterans of our country? I promise there will still be enough Hallowe’en candy left over to power you through yet another viewing of The Nightmare Before Christmas (which I put in the Xmas column) and everything else that does along with Seasons Greetings.

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