eBay sale features local artwork

Published: September 28, 2016


Fans of Patrick Hunter’s artwork can now purchase pieces in wearable form, thanks to a new collaboration with eBay.

Earlier this month the shopping giant launched a fall sale of scarves featuring Hunter’s work, with the proceeds going to N’We Jinan, a program that works with First Nations youth to detail their experiences through music and videos.

When contacted by email in the spring, the artist says he thought it might just be Internet spam.

“They contacted me back in May through an email,” Hunter explained last week. “It was in my junk mail, it said my name a bunch and said they went to my website so I hoped maybe.”

The communication was in fact legitimate and lead to a summer of working with the company to identify which art pieces would be reproduced.

“It was a collaboration and we arrived at those ones because they were easy to digest…I chose the Tree of Life because it is accessible to everyone. You need the tree of life for everything that you do in your life,” he adds.

The second scarf features an eagle feather design.

The scarves went on sale on Sept 20 and the original print run has sold out. The company is now producing the pieces as orders are taken in order to have customers receive them before Christmas. The sale is open until Oct. 18.

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