Earth Festival/LEAP Returns for 2012

By Jennifer Thurbide

The local Green Committee says after a successful event in 2011, the Red Lake Earth Festival will return this spring. Scheduling this year’s festival on April 28, 2012 to coincide with the 2nd annual Leap in the Lake for Climate Action, organizers say interest in the event is continually growing.

“I anticipate a lot of the same booths coming back,” says Green Committee member Donna Christofferson. “I know a lot of people have expressed interest in that and of course with the rain barrel truckload sale, that will add new dimension to the festival.”

The featured sale notes Christofferson is another fundraiser for the Red Lake Local Food Initiative as well as to support local environmental education programs and according to the website the company is taking orders for the water catchers which will be available for pick up during the Earth Festival. Rain barrels capture and store rain water collected from roofs through downspouts. They provide chlorine-free and fluoride-free water which is ideal for flowers, vegetables, lawns, shrubs and trees. Rain barrels divert clean water from sewer systems and can provide cost savings for homeowners who currently pay to have water trucked in or who have a water meter installed. Each barrel includes a leaf and mosquito filter basket, an overflow adaptor that permits multiple barrel hook-ups and hose variations.

“These environmentally friendly products were once used to import fruits and vegetables and have been refurbished and repurposed to offer years of reliable service as rain barrels,” says Christofferson who notes the spring show will be aimed at recycling, cultivating land and preparing for the summer growing season.

Also returning during the Earth Festival is the 2nd annual Leap in the Lake for Climate Action. In 2011, 20 residents and area visitors made a splash by jumping through a hole cut in the ice on Howey Bay in the name of climate action. The event raised over $1,000 and provided laughs for many onlookers. Christine Penner-Polle, last year’s organizer and one of the jumpers, says again this year she will be encouraging those interested to collect pledges to support the Local Food Initiative and hopes to see some local celebrity jumpers take part in 2012.

“We thought the event last year was so successful that we wanted to do a repeat of it and hopefully get a little head start because last year was planned with just four weeks so now we are rounding up people and this year we figure we would invite some local celebrities to get involved because last year we had the election,” said Polle last week.

The Red Lake Earth Festival will be held during the day at the Red Lake Legion on April 28, 2012. Those interested in being an exhibitor can contact the Red Lake Green Committee at 727-2993 for more information. For LEAP pledge forms contact Christine Penner-Polle at 727-3991.

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