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Ear Falls Danger Games Freak Show

Published: September 6, 2017


On Aug. 19 the township of Ear Falls was treated to a live Freak Show hosted by the Ear Falls Legion. The show titled ‘Danger Games’ is part of a Fire and Freak show that preforms all over Ontario.

The two performers that came out Martine ‘Stella’ Bedard and Dee Marie put on a show that included fire breathing, a bed of nails, hula hoop dances, and even worm eating. A large part of the show relied also on audience participation. Ear Falls locals got the chance to lay on the bed of nails, eat worms and even hold up marshmallows to roast while the performers blew fire.

Bedard comes  from Geraldton Ontario where she works as the artistic director at the Times Star Greenstone Newspaper. She has been participating in Freak Shows for the past four year, but previously had a background as a figure skater and a trained dancer. She says a stronger passion for Freak Shows.

“Oh I love it, yeah. It challenges you,” says Bedard. “The only thing that I was pushing before was my body, but with the freak shows you get to push yourself psycologically as well.”

Dee Marie is from the Thunder Bay area, and has been a performer for over ten years. When she is not preforming she works at an art gallery as well as a private security guard. Marie says she fell in love with freak shows when she was just 15 years old, when she saw her first show.

“There was this cirque du solei performer that asked the audience for a brave volunteer to eat a worm. And you know, all those tough looking guys just cringed away, so I of course jumped right in.”

Both woman are mothers and wanted to put a large focus of their show on keeping everything safe and clean. A big part of their performance is centered on fire, with their most dangerous stunt being the fire eating. The more dangerous stunts were preformed outside to avoid any hazards. Marie also works closely with Creation Body Piercing for a lot of her stunts to make sure that everything is done in a professional way.

“Obviously safety is very important to us, we both have kids waiting for us to get home safe,” says Bedard. “And fire eating can be very dangerous, but neither one of us will do anything that we are not comfortable with.”

The performance ended off outside with a stunt that neither of the preformers had ever tried before; fire breathing while an audience member roasted marshmallows on the flame.

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