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Disney or Bust; Local completes Dopey Challenge

Published: January 11, 2017


What happens when you are in the middle of an intense endurance challenge and the weather won’t cooperate? You grab a few friends and soldier on says Jean McNamee.

The Balmertown resident was in Florida over the weekend to complete the Dopey Challenge, a four day endurance event featuring 5km, 10, km, half-marathon and full marathon events. She says with the 5km and 10km completed news that organizers were forced to cancel the next day’s half marathon reached participants on Friday, threatening to put a damper on the event.

“Most memorable moment was when we got word about half marathon cancellation, an important component of doing the Dopey and Goofy events. Several runners got together at our separate resorts and other locations to run our 13.1 mi (21.1 kms) to make our challenges real,” said McNamee noting guests at the resorts came out in droves to cheer on the athletes and create hydration stations.

“Runners wore costumes and race bibs. There was even a finish line set up with toilet paper…we had been given luggage tags that were the same design as the half marathon medal so we all posed with our ‘lightning proof medals’ when we finished. What a wonderful conclusion to what had started out to be a disappointing day.”

McNamee thanked her supporters on facebook after completing the full marathon on Jan. 8, noting “running through Disney is the most unique marathon I’ve ever been part of.”

Travelling companion Alister McCrae completed the 10km event with McNamee.



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